CitroŽn DS Repair Panels and Sections

Unless otherwise specified, these are manufactured in mild steel with a 'Zintec'coating, which provides excellent protection whilst allowing easy welding (unlike galvanising). They are of high quality, and fit properly - we use them in our own restorations.

Please enquire about our reconditioned body panels are available for the D-series; we can fit and finish these, or supply them for your own restoration project.

NOTE: Original panels - and vehicles - are for part location indication only.
References to left- and right-hand are when looking forwards from rear of vehicle.


Boot lower side section, right-hand

Similar panel available for LH side - please specify


Boot floor

Pressed with corrugations as original


Boot lower rear section


All 3 parts shown in their approximate relative positions under car











Rear wheelarch lower siderail, right-hand.

Shown below original part, together with boot lower side section

Similar panel available for LH side - please specify


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